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CSE Computer Science And Engineering V-fifth Semester Syllabus 2008 Regulation Anna University

To study the internal structures and methodologies used in System Software

§   To study the design and implementation issues in implementing assemblers.
§   To study the role of linkers and loaders and the interaction with hardware.
§   To study how macroprocessors work, and a brief introduction to compilers.
§   To study various issues in the design of Virtual Machines
§   To study the techniques used in other system software contexts such as emulators, process virtual machines, profiling, migration and grids.

UNIT I           ASSEMBLERS                                                                                            9
Review of Computer Architecture Machine Instructions and Programs Assemblers Basic Assembler Functions Assembler Features Assembler Design Options

UNIT II          LOADERS AND LINKERS                                                                        10
Loaders and Linkers Basic Loader Functions Machine-Dependent Loader Features Machine-Independent Loader Features Loader Design Options Architectural Issues
Object Files Storage Allocation Symbol Management Libraries Relocation Loading and Overlays Shared Libraries – Dynamic Linking and Loading Advanced Techniques

UNIT III         MACROPROCESSORS AND COMPILERS                                               8
Macroprocessors Basic Macro Processor Functions – Machine-Independent Macro Processor Features  Macro Processor Design Options Basic Compiler Functions Grammars Lexical Analysis Syntactic Analysis Code Generation

UNIT IV        VIRTUAL MACHINES                                                                                 9
Introduction to Virtual Machines (VM) Pascal P-Code VM Object-Oriented VMs – Java VM Architecture Common Language Infrastructure Dynamic Class Loading Security Garbage Collection Optimization

UNIT V         PROCESS VIRTUAL MACHINES                                                               9
Emulation Interpretation and Binary Translation Instruction Set Issues – Process Virtua Machine –   Profilin –   Migratio –   Grid –   Example o rea world implementations of system software



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