Sunday, October 14, 2012

Important Questions (Expected) for EEE 7th semester for Nov/Dec Exam - Anna university

Important and Expected Questions for EEE 7th Semester Subjects - Easy to pass guide - Anna University

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EE2401 Power System Operation and Control(PSOC)(Coming Soon)

EE2402 Protection &Switchgear(PS)(Coming Soon)

EE2403 Special Electrical Machines(SEM)(Coming Soon)

MG2351 Principles of Management (PM)(Coming Soon)

CS2411 Operating Systems(OS)(Coming Soon)

EI2311 Biomedical Instrumentation(BMI) (Coming Soon)

EE2025 Intelligent Control(IC)(Coming Soon)

EE2026 Power System Dynamics(PSD)(Coming Soon)

CS2071 Computer Architecture(CA)(Coming Soon)

GE2022 Total Quality Management(TQM)(Coming Soon)

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  1. plz publish important questions for EEE 7th sem.. its time to go on.. act fast pls..


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