Thursday, November 8, 2012

Google Page Rank Update November 2012 - Pagerank PR updated on 7th Nov

Google updated pagerank for november 2012 on 7/11/2012. Not all websites are updated at same time page rank update started on 7th nov and continued till mid night. I saw PR 1 for one of the page in my blog and shocked and checked with other pagerank checker tool to verify. I thought that tool bar went wrong because i started on August only. Just 3 months went. I was just out of sand box few days ago. Then check pr for homepage it showed PR1. I am very happy, on first day i kept 100 back link and then never cared for it. Then immediately i check another blog it showed zero PR0. No disappointment because on Oct 16 i assigned custom domain name to that blog and kept back link in 5 pages. Then told my friend to keep my link in his home page his page rank is PR 1. After few min my tool bar showing PR 3 for really excited to see that once twice i checked page rank. Finally got 3. My facebook page one got PR 4 and other 2 pages PR2.

How Many Back links need to get Page Rank ?

Number of backlinks need to increase pagerank can be predicted because i saw many sites got PR page rank PR 2 PR 3 PR4 with back link less than 100 and few sites with 1000 BL has only PR0.

Get backlink from High ranked websites like google groups, apple, etc
Post your backlink in forum
Post your link everywhere in net you are visiting
Share links in facebook, google plus, twitter.
Post in social sharing websites
Don't waste time in posting backlink in blogs.

Social sharing with automatic post update through RSS feed like zimbio helps you to create link density.

2 important factor in pagerank is

Rank Transfer - choose PR from 1-8 pages and post in it
Link Density - increase link density around internet

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  1. Thanks for alert. I am really happy when google go PR updates.


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